Specializing in NFA and Firearm Estate Trusts, Carry Licenses, Criminal, Restoration of Firearm Rights, Expungements, Reductions of Felonies and Estate Law in

Indiana and Kentucky


My office and home is in Greenfield, IN.  In my free time I refinish and customize firearms, shoot and bow hunt.  I am an avid gun collector and supporter of the Second Amendment and the State of Indiana.


I live and breathe firearms and the laws that control them.  In addition, I am a successful and accessible criminal and family law attorney.


You'll find me easygoing and dedicated.  Best of all, I can be reached day or night in the event of an emergency or contact with law enforcement.

Note, I am also the Program Attorney for U.S. LawShield in Indiana and Kentucky.  Get some carry insurance from U.S. LawShield! And speak to a lawyer before you talk to the police!

  • Criminal Defense

  • Divorce


  • Firearm Crimes

  • Carry License Denials

  • Firearm estate trusts

  • NFA Trusts

  • Felony Reductions

  • Protective Orders

  • Restoration of firearm rights

  • Probate

  • Expungements

  • Wills and Property Trusts


I am committed to taking the time to listen and explain your options.  

You WILL NOT find an attorney more dedicated to listening, evaluating, and planning a successful resolution to your legal issues, whether its a NFA or firearms trust, a will, a new or old criminal case, or an issue with obtaining your carry license.


I promise prompt and direct communication to my clients and the best value in Indiana.