I offer a variety of firearms law services at reasonable prices in the estate planning, business planning, criminal law, carry licensing and educational areas of practice.

Don't let your criminal record prevent you from exercising your rights.  Most situations can be remedied and your rights can be restored!

I typically bill all services on a FLAT RATE Fee Structure.  No cost surprises when it comes to affording me as an attorney.

License to Carry Handgun Appeals


I work with you and Indiana State Police to determine why you were denied for an Indiana License to Carry a Handgun (LTCH).  In just a few days, I can typically clear up denials without going to a hearing.


If a criminal issue in the past is preventing you from obtaining your LTCH, I can put the license on hold until we clear up the underlying criminal issue.

Self Defense After-Action


This is a very scary time.  I handle potential criminal liability after you have been forced to draw or fire your carry or home defense firearm.  Since a majority of these cases occur after hours, feel free to call anytime if you are involved in a self defense shooting BEFORE SPEAKING TO THE POLICE.

I am the Program Attorney for U.S. LawShield, the most popular carry insurance company in the U.S. Strongly consider the relatively cheap investment of carry insurance.  Call me before talking to police.

Firearm Crimes and All Criminal Charges


I handle a wide variety of firearms related charges, in addition to any criminal law case, in Central Indiana.  I may go farther if needed.  I bill all criminal cases on a flat rate fee structure.

Monthly Firearms Legal Seminars


I teach several firearm law classes a month, across the state with U.S. LawShield.


Get a unique perspective and some great knowledge by attending one of my classes.  They are typically two hours long and will never cost more than $10.

For a list of upcoming seminars, visit:

Expungements, Felony Reductions, and Restoration of Rights


I offer expungement and felony reductions at a very reasonable price, all over the state.  Get one or more old charges expunged so that you may restore your rights to bear arms and get your carry license.

I can also get you back your rights after domestic violence convictions!  Be very careful when signing pleas for battery when the alleged victim is a spouse or romantic partner!  Many criminal attorneys don't realize the repercussions these pleas can have on your firearm rights!

Indiana Firearms Legal Support


Come join us on Facebook on my page where my admins and I assist those with firearms related questions for the state of Indiana.   


I don't allow for guessing or hearsay, so members should be prepared to verify information posted.  Don't be shy.  Get involved and learn a lot.